When was the last time you ate dinner out with someone?

Name three people you’d like to have dinner with.

 Would you go to the same restaurant with each?

 Would you order the same meal?

Would the conversations be the same?

How long has it been since you’ve been in touch with each?

Is there someone you didn’t put on the list because you thought they lived too far away? Well if distance weren’t an issue and maybe there was someone you went to high school with or a buddy you haven’t heard from that is not on the list of three …maybe a relative miles away you don’t get to see very often. Now how long is your list?

We’re going through some pretty challenging times now. A lot of us are missing those normal social connections with whom we share our concerns…let our hair down.  (Whoops don’t talk about hair—it will be another month before my psychiatrist-hair dresser is available). We can compare notes with how we are doing– how they’re doing. Just get out for an hour or so to get caught up, commiserate, communicate, get support, connect,even if just for a few minutes– change of pace escape the predominantly negative news.

Every Wednesday night for the past 3 1/2 years my brother and I have dined together online.He lives in Prescott Valley AZ.  I live in Lake Forest park WA. We both have iPhones with FaceTime though we started out just using speaker phones. Sometimes we Happy Hour at first sometimes we cook together sometimes we order in.I’m so grateful to know that without fail once a week we’ll have this time together as it gets increasingly challenging toget together. (He’s 84-I am 80?) Then there is the ticket credit on Southwest Airlines for a flight to Phoenix April 25th that got COVID-19th..who knows when it’s going to end and what condition the airlines will be in when IT does end. Wowthere is need to be able to stay connected with my Big Brother. I’ve just included a YouTube on how we do it in case you’re interested. https://youtu.be/kG0W2KFxP1U

Any body on that list you’d like to have dinner with?

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