1. Don’t have to feel guilty about not wearing a mask

  2. Know that partner is benefitting too.
    You have agreed that it will be a positive experience for both of you. Agree that some topics are off the table. Aim for tasty, healthy so nutrition can be helping head and body too.
  3. Habits encourage happiness, calm, predictability, stability, relief DTO at least once a week with a DTO partner…same or varied. If can establish one regular one potentially gets closer to maximizing benefits. My brother and I have done it once a week for 4 years. Have had other DTO experiences from time to time with others in addition.
  4. Predictable shot of dopamine, goal accomplishment. It feels good. It is empowering for both of you. It takes both of you to make it happen. The shared experience helps develop the partnership connection. Shared goal accomplishment is great connector.
  5. Connecting feels good…shared experience…big value…positive. Helps stay grounded. Physical distancing does not have to mean not feeling close. It does not have to mean not being able to eat together and be together mindfully totally for that hour or two.
  6. DTO Partner is a new relationship—new experience. If you are DTOing with a person with whom you already have a history, this is a new dimension—different from, in addition to, but apart from. My brother and I have a very nice brother-sister relationship that goes back 80 years? Our DTO relationship is in addition—adds to. What we have experienced DTOing has even enriched brother-sister relationship. We have discovered things about each other in the communication process we didn’t know.
  7. Mindful islanding together alone. You, food, your space and your DTO partner. Distractions are cut out. It’s OUR time. No outside phone -DTO focused.
  8. Senses are activated. Aware of taste, smell, sound, feel, place. It’s the flower, a candle, a place setting—your DTO space and place for that hour.
  9. Change up and experience and expect creativity to hearts content or not. Establish your own desired outcomes. Sometimes cooking together may sound good, sometimes ordering in may sound good, sometimes some yummy leftover may fill the bill. May decide to try something new each time or not. You choose..
  10. Journalogging the experience can take it to another level and add to increasing benefits. Provides self expression, release, reflection.
  11. RECONNECTING may be a very meaningful help to someone in your friend or family network who is isolated or mobility challenged or is upset, anxious or lonely from all that is going on. That can’t help but be good for you both.
  12. Great opportunity to practice listening, understanding. Can’t help but enhance regular communication-connection opportunities.
  13. Experience the value of dining together for self and others and realize the benefits are many.
  14. Digestion is enhanced. Possibly a new appreciation of eating and connecting and developing shared experiences and how that carries over between DTO sessions.

  15. Experience the importance of staging the dining experience. Getting the mood right. My brother and I both have a red candle (neat Led) and same place setting. We each have a flower or equivalent. We usually click the wine glasses (mine is alcohol free—it started out regular but two years ago I switched—he cut back) Actually we started out with wine tasting and pairing.

We’ll stop the list but it has just scratched the surface. Now is the time to try this. CALL. Invite to dinner on line to catch up. DO IT NOW

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