How to Set a Virtual Dinner With Your Family and Friends

Dining Together Online™ provides you with a convenient way to spend more time and enjoy your meal with the people you are dearest to you. With this activity, you can continually maintain healthy relationships at any time you want with a very simple process.



Call someone whom you'd like to share your mealtime with or message through email, text, Skype, or FaceTime and invite them for an online catch-up date.

Set a Schedule

Pick a day, time, and video chatting application or iPhone/cell phone for your online dining. You may set the duration from 30 minutes to 1 hour.

Dine Together Online - DTOing

You may have many one-shot opportunities depending on your mutual interest in pursuing this. But it’s worth a try as this activity brings you closer with your family and friends even if you’re not with them physically.

Try Again and Enjoy

Connect with your loved ones and strengthen your bonds by scheduling an online dinner frequently with the same DTO partner and/or new DTO partners. Dining virtually with people who are close to you can be a delightful routine.

Stay Updated

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